Fighting All Traffic Ticket Violations

Fighting All Traffic Tickets

Court Support Services is a Locally Owned, Licensed Paralegal Firm That Defends Persons Charged With all Traffic Tickets 

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Fight Your Ticket

Speeding-Careless Driving-Fail To Remain-Red Light-Stop Sign-Suspended Driving-Stunt Driving-Accident Charges and Many More


Over 7000 Clients Served in Court. Former Ontario Provincial Police Officer, with Over 30 Years of Experience in the Industry.

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Why Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Fight Your Ticket

Why Not Fight Your Ticket?
The reason being if you don't fight your ticket you will have to the pay the charge in court and you may find your insurance rates going up.
Fighting an offence means selecting Option 3 at the back of your ticket and requesting a trial date only. Many believe that selecting option 2 is fighting, but that is incorrect. Option 2 means you are admitting the facts to be true even though the officer could have been incorrect. You may reduce your points, but it still is a driving conviction on your record. This option was created to save on operating costs and officer costs (The do not have be present in court). Option 3 is the best way to go- Fight the Offense

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